July 15, 2024
Majid Hashemi

Majid Hashemi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in -
Phone: -
Faculty: Faculty of Nano and Biotechnology


Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles using Bushehr endemic plants and study of some of their applications
Type Thesis
سنتز سبز، نانوذرات فلزي، گياهان بومي بوشهر
Researchers Zahra Solati (Primary advisor) , Majid Hashemi (Advisor)


Background: The present study investigates the preparation of various types of metal nanoparticles using native plants of Bushehr province and studies some applications of the prepared nanoparticles in different fields. Aim: The main purpose of this study is to investigate the ability of vegetation in Bushehr province as a green, economic and biocompatible method for easy production of different types of metal nanoparticles with capabilities in different fields, as well as replacing green synthesis with expensive physical and chemical methods. Methodology: The present study was performed by laboratory method and all syntheses in the laboratory using metal salts and plant extracts. Characterizations and characteristics of the obtained products were analyzed using different techniques and in standard conditions. The study of different applications of nanoparticles was performed using standard methods. Conclusions: Different types of metal nanoparticles with different properties were prepared using the plants used in the research. Various analysis techniques confirmed the formation of nanoparticles. The obtained products were examined in various applications such as catalytic reactions, photocatalytic, etc