April 23, 2024
Arash Khosravi

Arash Khosravi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr 75169, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Phone: 077-31222640
Faculty: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering


Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and a member of Sustainable Membrane Technology Research Group (https://smtrg.pgu.ac.ir). I am interested in Energy and Environment studies. I work on developing the Membrane Technologies for gas separation, water treatment and desalination and evaluating the environmental impacts of emerging technologies using LCA. Machine Learning is also one of my interests in modeling and developing chemical engineering systems such as membrane processes. Internationalization of PGU is one of my responsibilities where I have been the Director of International Affairs and Overseas Students at Persian Gulf University since 2018.


  • PhD. in Chemical Engineering , University of Tehran , Iran (2011 - 2017)
    Thesis title: Fabrication of PMP/POSS-FS Nanocomposite Membranes for LPG separation from Light Gases
  • MSc. in Chemical Engineering-Nanotechnology , Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) , Iran (2008 - 2011)
    Thesis title: A study on Adsorption of water in silicalite using Monte Carlo molecular simulation
  • BSc. in Chemical Engineering-Gas Industries , Persian Gulf University , Iran (2004 - 2008)

Research interests

  • Membrane Science and Technology
  • Water treatment and Desalination
  • Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Research activities

Journal articles
sina shiva, Arash Khosravi, farzaneh mohammadi, Mohsen Abbasi, Mika Silanpaa (2024) The Capacity of Alkali-Activated Industrial Wastes in Novel Sustainable Ceramic Membranes ChemBioEng Reviews: 0; 18
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, Arash Khosravi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard (2023) Fabrication and characterization of novel Pebax2533/POSS-FS nanocomposite membranes for CO2 removal CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN: 201; 551-560
Meysam Alizamir, Ahmad Keshavarz, Farideh Abdollahi, Arash Khosravi, Seckin Karagoz (2023) Accurately predicting the performance of MOF-based mixed matrix membranes for CO2 removal using a novel optimized extreme learning machine by BAT algorithm SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY: 325; 19
Benyamin Bordbar, Arash Khosravi, Farideh Abdollahi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Seckin Karagoz (2023) An insight into environmental footprints of emerging air-conditioning systems towards sustainable cities Sustainable Cities and Society: 98; 14
Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Aniseh Abdoli, Arash Khosravi, Takeshi Matsuura, Mohsen Abbasi (2023) Predicting and evaluating the performance of DCMD: The effect of non-ideal morphology and thermal conductivity of porous nanocomposite membranes CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN: 192; 638-652
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Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Farideh Abdollahi, Arash Khosravi, Takeshi Matsuura (2022) An insight into hybrid membrane-based air conditioning system performance using gray relational analysis methods: Structural versus operational parameters Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy: 1; 1-18
Benyamin Bordbar, Arash Khosravi, Ali Ahmadi Orkomi, Mohammad Peydayesh (2022) Life Cycle Assessment of Hybrid Nanofiltration Desalination Plants in the Persian Gulf Membranes: 12 (5); 467-483
Javad Khajouee Nezhad, Benyamin Bordbar, Mohsen Abbasi, Amir Abbas Izadpanah, Arash Khosravi (2022) Application of Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis in Wastewater Treatment Containing Ethylene Glycol from South Pars Gas Complex Wastewater Journal of Applied Membrane Science and Technology: 26; 13
Farideh Abdollahi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi (2021) Investigating the performance of PES and PC hollow fiber membranes in air humidification Journal of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Technology: 2; 33
Behrouz Jafari, Edris Rezaei, Mohammad Javad Dianat, Mohsen Abbasi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi, Mika Silanpaa (2021) Development of a new composite ceramic membrane from mullite, silicon carbide and activated carbon for treating greywater CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL: 47; 28059-29534
Mohammad Pishnamazi, Shahnaz Ghasemi, Arash Khosravi, Abolfazl ZabihiSahebi, Atefeh Hasan-zadeh, Seyed Mehdi Borghei (2021) Removal of Cu (ll) from industrial wastewater using poly (acrylamide-co-2-acrylamide-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid)/graphene oxide/sodium alginate hydrogel: Isotherm, kinetics, and optimization study Journal of Water Process Engineering: 42; 102144-102166
Mahdi Hodaei, Shahnaz Ghasemi, Arash Khosravi, Manouchehr Vosoughi (2021) Effect of the ozonation pretreatment on biogas production from waste activated sludge of tehran wastewater treatment plant BIOMASS & BIOENERGY: 152; 8
Ahmad Jamekhorshid, , Abdulrahman Salehi, Arash Khosravi (2021) Gas sweetening simulation and its optimization by two typical amine solutions: An industrial case study in Persian Gulf region Natural Gas Industry B: 8; 309-316
Ali Shoghi, Shahnaz Ghasemi, Masoud Askari, Arash Khosravi, Atefeh Hasan-zadeh, Ali Asghar Alamolhoda (2021) Spinel H4Ti5O12 nanotubes for Li recovery from aqueous solutions: Thermodynamics and kinetics study Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering: 9; 104679-...
Farideh Abdollahi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi, Takeshi Matsuura (2021) Heat and mass transfer modeling of an energy efficient Hybrid Membrane-Based Air Conditioning System for humid climates JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE: 40; 119179-...
, , , , Arash Khosravi (2016) Cr(VI) ion removal from artificial waste water using supported liquid membrane Chemical Papers: ; 913،925
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Conference articles
ali khosravi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi (2022) Prepration of Hollow Fiber Membrance Contactor and Modifing by SiO2 Nanoparticle for gas dehumidification 4th International Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference, Iran, Bushehr
Benyamin Bordbar, Arash Khosravi, Reza Azin (2020) A Review on Sustainable Hybrid Water Treatment Processes 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
Farideh Abdollahi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi (2020) An experimental study on the performance of porous PES and PC hollow fiber membranes on air humidification process 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
, Ahmad Jamekhorshid, Arash Khosravi, AmirHossein Fakehi Khorasani (2020) Estimation of energy demand in Bushehr province in the household sector using LEAP model 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi, Mohsen Abbasi (2020) Modelling of heat and mass transfer in DCMD: Study of membrane parameters 3rd Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020), Iran, Bushehr
Arash Khosravi, Farideh Abdollahi, Mohsen Abbasi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard (2023) Book Chapter 12-Oil field produced water: issues and possible solutions ISBN: 978-0-323-99304-3
Arash Khosravi, Benyamin Bordbar, Ali Ahmadi Orkomi (2022) Book Chapter-Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies in Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Desalination ISBN: 978-3-030-98202-7
Shahnaz Ghasemi, Arash Khosravi, Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard (2021) Chapter 6: Magnetic Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation ISBN: 978-1-83916-528-3
Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Ehsan Babaei, Arash Khosravi, Shahnaz Ghasemi, Zahra Alihemati (2021) Chapter 9: Functional Nanocomposites for Heavy Metal Removal ISBN: 978-1-83916-528-3
Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Arash Khosravi, Farideh Abdollahi, Zahra Alihemati, Mohsen Rezaee (2020) Synthetic polymeric membranes for gas and vapor separations ISBN: 978-0-12-818485-1
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Bachelor Of Science
Master Of Science

Executive activities

  • Director of International Affairs and Overseas Students, Persian Gulf University (2019 - present)
  • Executive Secretary of 2nd International Biennial Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2018) (2017 - 2018)