February 29, 2024
Abdolkarim Hosseinpoor

Abdolkarim Hosseinpoor

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Economics
Phone: 07731222772
Faculty: School of Business and Economics


Appropriate solutions for economic growth relying on free trade zones and export and import management
Type Presentation
Export and import management, commercial areas and ports, economic growth
Researchers Abdolkarim Hosseinpoor (First researcher) , Amir Hossein Yeganeh (Second researcher)


Given the dependence of developing and underdeveloped countries on the single-product economy such as oil and agriculture, this study sought to increase the supply of non-oil commodities by exporting appropriate solutions. Commercial ports and free zones can make a major contribution to export progress, but before investing in this area, steps must be taken to generate and refine economic infrastructure in all sectors. Given the specificity of the economic and political conditions of Iran, ways must be provided within a reasonable time. Given the results of the research on export-oriented economic growth in free trade zones, government policy solutions for WTO membership, expanding trade relations with neighboring countries, outsourcing export to the private sector, developing ecommerce, facilitating export bureaucracy. Commodities, investment in commercial and industrial ports, expansion of customs in terms of capacity and technology, modern marketing and demand creation in target countries are suggested