July 20, 2024
Mostafa Dehghani

Mostafa Dehghani

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Family Counselling
Phone: 077
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Title The Psychological Explanation of Parenting Factors From the Viewpoint of the Qur’ān With an Emphasis on the Parents’ Agency
Type Article
psychological explanation, parents’ agency, responsible parenting, the noble Qur’ān
Journal Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies
DOI 10.22059/JCIS.2022.336229.1254
Researchers Mostafa Dehghani (First researcher) , Ali Andideh (Second researcher)


In the qur’ānic parenting, father and mother are deemed as responsible for the cultivation of the children. This style of the noble Qur’ān is expressed in the form of various factors including sets of behaviors, instructions, and methods that individually or collaboratively influence the spiritual and emotional development of the children in various aspects of their lives. This phenomenon can be examined in two directions, namely parents’ agency and parenting factors. With regard to the parents’ agency, the father and the mother consider their children as God’s grace, feel special responsibility for them, and pursue guiding and directing them in various grounds in order to help them attain psychological healthfulness, stability, and balance. This study set out to extract the factors effective on parenting from the verses of the noble Qur’ān through library research, description, and content analysis. In the next stage, each of these factors was explained from the viewpoint of psychology. The findings of the study showed that according to the verses of the noble Qur’ān, parents should observe the two principles of assigning tasks based on children’s potentials and positive interaction with them, respond to their needs, and respect their personality. Making correct use of reward and punishment, providing sexual education, and paying attention to the factors that can increase self-efficacy of the children and enhance their self-confidence are among other factors of responsible parenting style that are pointed out in the qur’ānic verses.