May 29, 2024
Marzie Babaie Rabiee

Marzie Babaie Rabiee

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in mechanical engineering
Phone: -
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Technical-Economic-Environmental Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery from the Air Out of the Grate Cooler of a Cement Factory Using an Organic Rankine Cycle
Type Thesis
بازيابي گرماي اتلافي، كارخانه سيمان، تحليل اقتصادي، بازده، تحليل محيط زيستي
Researchers farnaz bagheri (Student) , Marzie Babaie Rabiee (Primary advisor) , Rouhollah Fatehi (Primary advisor)


Background: A lot of heat/electric power is needed in the cement production line. After the steel industry, the cement industry is one of the energy-intensive industries with high fuel consumption. Due to the increase in energy consumption, the use of waste energy consumption is a very efficient method. A lot of heat is wasted in the cement production line. Therefore, generating electricity from waste heat is one of the important topics for research on increasing productivity in cement industries. Aim: Finding solution for shortage of a cement factory. Methodology: To run an organic Rankine cycle, we use the waste heat of a cement factory. To model this system, we have input information including the temperature of the heat source. We check the appropriate fluids for this cycle. We perform economic analysis with various indicators, including the Payback Period, to check the justification of the project. Conclusions: For a heat source with a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, the organic Rankine cycle with cyclohexane operating fluid has good efficiency and compensates part of the factory's lack of electricity and is economically justifiable and environmentally friendly. To meet the rest of the electricity shortage, a small-scale gas-fired power plant can be the solution.