May 31, 2024
Majid Esmaeilpour

Majid Esmaeilpour

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Persian Gulf University, Shahid Mahini Street, Bushehr, Iran Zip code: 7516913798,
Degree: Ph.D in Marketing Management
Phone: 07731222136
Faculty: School of Business and Economics


Effect of Celebrity Endorsement of Customer Satisfaction and brand loyalty through Dimensions of Brand equity
Type Thesis
تأييدكننده مشهور، رضايت مشتري، وفاداري به برند، ابعاد ارزش ويژه برند
Researchers Majid Esmaeilpour (Primary advisor) , Manijeh Bahrainizad (Advisor)


Background: Today the dimensions of brand equity play a key and sensitive role in creating a sense of loyalty and satisfaction in buyers and users of a product and service and it is seen as competitive advantage of organizations. In addition to the brand's value-added dimensions, there is a topic called celebrity endorsements, which is an interesting topic in marketing and marketers can differentiate their brand from competing brands through celebrity endorsements and using them in advertising. One way to create brand satisfaction and loyalty is to use celebrity endorsements in advertisements. Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the Effect of Celebrity Endorsement of Customer Satisfaction through Dimensions of Brand equity. Methodologies: This research is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of data collection and is of survey type and correlative in nature. The statistical population of the study is the consumers of energy drinks and hype in Shiraz. The sampling method is available sampling and data collection tool is a questionnaire. In order to collect data, 384 questionnaires were distributed among the users in person. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by content validity and reliability by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Data were analyzed using structural equation modeling using Smart pls software. Conclusions: Companies and organizations in order to achieve the desired position in the minds and views of buyers and consumers of goods and services and surpass their competitors must create dimensions of special brand value for their brand and brand in order to Reach customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. One way to satisfy and loyal customers is to use a well-known certifier. Top officials and managers of companies according to the type of their product; In choosing a well-known verifier, factors such as experience, reliability and Celebrity Endorsement should be considered. The results show that the Celebrity E