May 31, 2024
Majid Esmaeilpour

Majid Esmaeilpour

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Persian Gulf University, Shahid Mahini Street, Bushehr, Iran Zip code: 7516913798,
Degree: Ph.D in Marketing Management
Phone: 07731222136
Faculty: School of Business and Economics


Analysis of the impact of the appearance and content of advertising posts on users’ behavioral reactions (likes and comments) on Instagram
Type Thesis
: بازاريابي رسانه هاي اجتماعي، تعامل كاربران در رسانه هاي اجتماعي، محتواي پست هاي شبكه هاي اجتماعي، ظاهر پست هاي شبكه هاي اجتماعي
Researchers Sayedeh Hashemi (Student) , Manijeh Bahrainizad (Primary advisor) , Majid Esmaeilpour (Advisor)


Background: Based on existing studies, previous researchers have investigated the effects of a wide range of characteristics of social media posts on user engagement. But there are more features to consider. For example, previous studies have investigated the way in which different types of posts (images, videos, links) can influence user engagement in social media (Dhaoui and Webster, 2021), And they investigated the role of posting time (day, hour or week) or the time interval between posts on the level of user interaction (Schulze and et al., 2014). The level of interaction and the clarity of the message (Sreejesh and et al., 2020), and the creation of shared content, are expressed in the number of likes, shares, and comments (Eslami et al., 2021). As noted, despite the evidence of their significant effects on social media user engagement, little research has been conducted on the role of post content and appearance characteristics of social media posts. This research is done with the aim of solving the research gaps mentioned above. In fact, the main goal of this research is to examine the role of content (including logical, emotional and mixed content) and the appearance of advertising posts on user interaction based on some interaction criteria (likes and comments). Aim: The purpose of this research is to measure the influence of the appearance and content of advertising posts on the behavioral reactions of users (likes and comments). The results of this study can help marketers, businesses, companies and stores that use social media to achieve their marketing goals. By using appropriate advertising posts in terms of appearance and content, and a suitable platform, they can improve users' behavioral reactions, provide better services, and get closer to their marketing goals by attracting more users. Methodology: The statistical population of this research is the audience of advertising posts of 12 brands active in the field of food industry on Instagram. The s