May 31, 2024
Majid Esmaeilpour

Majid Esmaeilpour

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Persian Gulf University, Shahid Mahini Street, Bushehr, Iran Zip code: 7516913798,
Degree: Ph.D in Marketing Management
Phone: 07731222136
Faculty: School of Business and Economics


Investigating the effect of customer experience on word of mouth, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty mediated by customer trust
Type Thesis
تجربه مشتري، اعتماد مشتري، رضايت مشتري، وفاداري مشتري، تبليغات دهان به دهان
Researchers Tahire Ansarifar (Student) , Majid Esmaeilpour (Primary advisor) , Manijeh Bahrainizad (Advisor)


Background: A good and pleasant experience has a significant impact on customer trust. In order to win the trust of customers, one must reduce the risk and meet the customer's expectations. In this case, the customer will be satisfied and loyal. In this way, he gives his experiences to others. Since customers are less biased towards promoting friends and acquaintances, the result is attracting new customers and increasing the profit of the organization. Purpose: The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of customer experience on word-of-mouth advertising, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through the mediation of customer trust. Methodology: In terms of the purpose, the current research is considered as part of applied studies, and in terms of the method and nature of data collection, it is a descriptive-survey research and classified as a correlational study. The statistical population of this research consists of all customers of consumer goods from the chain stores of Afogh Korosh in Bushehr city, who have bought at least once from the branches of the store of Afogh Korosh. Sampling method is available sampling and data collection tool is questionnaire. The validity of the data collection tool was confirmed by the method of content validity and construct validity, and its reliability was confirmed by the method of Cronbach's alpha coefficient. A total of 410 questionnaires were distributed among the members of the statistical community and finally 385 complete questionnaires were collected and analyzed. In order to analyze the data and test the hypotheses, the statistical methods of mean, standard deviation,... and modeling of structural equations with the help of spss and pls software have been used. Findings: The findings of this research show that customer experience has a significant impact on word-of-mouth advertising, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Also, the variable of customer experience has a positive and signi