November 29, 2022
Hossein Rahideh

Hossein Rahideh

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
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Degree: Ph.D in -
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Faculty: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering


Title A CFD parametric analysis of natural convection in an H-shaped cavity with two-sided inclined porous fins
Type Article
H-shaped cavity Inclination angle Natural convection Porous fins Darcy number Aspect ratio
Journal Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
DOI 10.1016/j.jtice.2020.09.011
Researchers Fatemeh Keramat (First researcher) , Ahmad Azari (Second researcher) , Hossein Rahideh (Third researcher) , Mohsen Abbasi (Fourth researcher)


The performance of bilateral inclined solid and porous fins in natural convection within an H-shaped cavity with a hot bottom wall, cold vertical walls, and insulated horizontal walls are numerically investigated in this work. The key factors, namely Rayleigh number (Ra = 103  105), the porosity of fins (e = 0  1), Darcy number (Da = 1010  102), inclination angle of fins (a = 68o,90o,112o), and the aspect ratio of the cavity (AR = 0.1, 0.2) are analyzed comprehensively in 180 cases. Porous zone governing equation and buoyancy force within the cavity are implemented by volume-average theory and Boussinesq approximation, respectively. A 60% enhancement in mean Nusselt number is observed in the presence of porous fins compared to the solid fins. The maximum Nusselt number is obtained by the perpendicular fins (a = 90o) and the aspect ratio of (AR = 0.2). In addition, the fins with the Darcy numbers (Da < 106) behave like solid fins. Finally, two correlations between the significant parameters and average Nusselt number are presented.