October 16, 2021

Hossein Rahideh

Faculty: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering


Mathematical modeling and simulation of dehumidification system for the supply stream in air-conditioning systems by desiccant wheel.
Type Thesis
: رطوبت گيري از هوا؛ چرخ جاذب رطوبت؛ همدماي جذب.
Researchers Majid Adrin (Student) , Hossein Rahideh (Primary advisor) , Abdollah Avara (Advisor)


Abstract In this study, the types of desiccant systems are introduced and compared Then mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of the desiccant wheel is performed In this model, heat and humidity distribution in two axial directions and the thickness of the desiccant wall are considered. The equations include the mass and energy survival equations written for the flow of air and the desiccant. Analyzed by the leading method and implicit method has been used to solve them Also in this study, some factors affecting pressure drop, which is one of the main parameters of the system, were studied The results showed that the studied desiccant wheel becomes saturated from 0.6 onwards and no longer absorbs moisture. This point is the equilibrium point of the partial pressure of water vapor in the outside air and the saturated vapor pressure of water Also in this modeling, Also in this modeling, the optimal state efficiency of the system in the adsorption process was evaluated. The results also showed that with increasing the thickness of the desiccant wheel material and the passage of time, the pressure drop decreases from the beginning with a steep slope, which indicates the accuracy of the predicted model.