May 31, 2023
Reza Jalali

Reza Jalali

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
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Degree: Ph.D in -
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Faculty: School of Business and Economics


  • PhD. in Operation Research , University of Tehran , Iran (2013 - 2018)
  • MSc. in Operation Research , Allameh Tabataba'i University , Iran (2008 - 2010)
  • BSc. in Industrial Management , Persian Gulf , Iran (2004 - 2008)

Research interests

  • Optimization
  • ّFuzzy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • New technologies in business

Research activities

Journal articles
Parviz Hajiani, Hojat Parsa, Reza Jalali, (2023) Evaluating the total-factor efficiency of E3 in oil-producing countries, with emphasis on education ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH: online; -
Reza Jalali, Zaeimeh Nematolahi, Abdolmajid Mosleh, Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh (2023) Digital Supply Chain Implementation in the Food Industry: An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach Studies in Systems, Decision and Control: 1; 325-339
Noura Hasanpour, Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh, Reza Jalali (2023) Resilience of Home Health Care Providers in the Digital Era: A Scoping Review Studies in Systems, Decision and Control: 1; 445-464
Mohsen Shirdel, Gholamreza Jamali, Reza Jalali, (2022) Optimization of Sustainable-Robust Biofuel Supply Chain under Uncertainty International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics: Vol. 9, No. 7; 431-463
Reza Jalali, Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh, Reza Shahin (2022) Analysis of Barriers and Coordination Enablers of Logistics Operations in the Humanitarian Supply Chain مدیریت تولید و عملیات: 1; 1
Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh, Reza Shahin, Reza Jalali (2021) A multi objective optimization of sustainable business model innovation strategies regarding the challenges of new and emerging technologies in service business International Journal of Business Excellence: Vol. 8, No. 2; 157-182
Conference articles
Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh, Reza Jalali, Reza Shahin, Rui M. Lima, , Gholamreza Jamali (2022) Analysis and Prioritization of Quality 4.0 dimensions and companies' readiness to adapt to industry 4.0 evolutions through Bayesian Best -Worst method 5th International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management (ICQEM22), Portugal, Braga
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Executive activities

  • Secretary of Bushehr Higher Education Management Council (2021 - 2022)
  • Consultant of operational budgeting and performance strategy management of Persian Gulf University (2020 - 2022)
  • Member of Bushehr Province Supervision, Evaluation and Quality Assurance Board (2019 - 2022)
  • Member of Investment Office of Mellat Bank (2016 - 2018)
  • Organizational Excellence Manager of Mabna Telecom (2015 - 2016)
  • Member of Bank Mellat's Strategic Management Office (2013 - 2015)