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Accuracy improvement of impedance-based fault location method for power distribution network using distributed-parameter line model
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Power Distribution System (PDS) is spread on different places. Therefore, PDS has many laterals and load taps. Accurate fault locating in PDS causes to improve reliability indices and its ef?ciency. In this paper, an improved method is suggested for fault location in PDS, which has a high accuracy. In the proposed algorithm, by using phase domain of distributed-parameter line model, a ?fth-order algebraic equation of fault distance is obtained, which can improve the accuracy of determined fault distance for all types of faults. The proposed method is tested under different fault resistances in which the results show low sensitivity to this parameter. To evaluate the accuracy of the proposed method, the modi?ed IEEE 34 Node Test Feeder is used, and its ef?ciency and accuracy is proved.
Researchers Rahman Dashti (First researcher) ,