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Efficiency enhancement using ArF laser induced micro/nanostructures on the polymeric layer of solar cell
Type Article
Solar cell Micro/nano-structures Excimer laser Photon trapping
Here, the solar cell surface is irradiated with ArF excimer laser at 193 nm. This process forms regular micro/ nanostructures on the samples, most likely due to the surface resonance phenomena. Laser induced surface rippling in the form of the conical micro/nanostructures or micro/nano-pillars are strongly dependent on the energy dose which induces a great number of micro/nano cavities on the surface. Despite the reflection events are taken into account as the major source of the optical losses, however the laser induced self-micro/nano structuring significantly reduces the spectral reflectivity. It leads to enhance the efficiency of solar cell accordingly. The effect of laser fluence is also investigated as to several forms of the micro/nanostructures are created at various UV doses. Finally, the electrical characterization is carried out based on the current– voltage plots. The surface morphology is analyzed using SEM and the spectral reflectivity is measured by the spectrophotometry, indicating that the current density rises due to the light trapping in micro/nano-cavities.
Researchers Parviz Parvin (First researcher) , Ali Reyhani (Second researcher) , Mohsen Mehrabi (Third researcher) , Mitra Refahizadeh (Fourth researcher) , Seyedeh Zahra Mortazavi (Fifth researcher) , Ali Ranjbaaar (Not in first six researchers)