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Effects of Different Levels of Moringa oleifera Whole Hydroalcoholic Extract and Seed Powder on the Hatching Rate, Nutritional Value, and Immune Response of Chukar Partridge Eggs
Type Article
Alectoris chukar, Cholesterol, Fatty acids profiles, Hatchability, Minerals
The present study aimed to investigate the effect of different levels of Moringa oleifera whole seed powder (MOWSP) and whole seed hydroalcoholic extract (MOWSE) on biochemical factors including minerals, fatty acids profiles, Haugh units, cholesterol content, immune response, and hatchability rate of the eggs of Chukar partridge. A total of 225 Chukar partridge were randomly divided into five groups with three replicates of 15 birds in each group. MOWSP was provided as a supplement at the rate of 0 g (control), 5 g, and 10 g per each kg of a diet and MOWSE at the rate of 0.5 % and 1% in drinking water. Hatchability rate and Haugh unit were, respectively, increased and decreased in all treatments in comparison to the control group. The highest and the lowest hatchability rates were recorded in the MOWSE-1% and MOWSE-0.5% supplemented groups, respectively. Birds fed with MOWSE-1% had significantly higher Iron levels than birds fed with the control diet. However, copper, zinc, and magnesium levels in the Chukar partridge eggs had no significant change comparing with the control group. Further, the C18:1, C17:0, and C16:0 of eggs were increased in response to the increase of dietary MOWSP supplementation, however, proportions of C18:0 and C18:2 were decreased. We also Recorded data that demonstrates MOWSE-1% increased the antibody titers of Newcastle Disease vaccine on 69 days and MOWSP-1% and MOWSE-1% all increased the titers of Avian Influenza on 59 days. It was concluded that 1% of MOWSP or MOWSE is a beneficial additive for Chukar partridge.
Researchers Hassan Habibi (First researcher) , Kohanmoo Mohammad Amin (Second researcher) , najmeh ghahtan (Third researcher)