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A Three-Coefficient Model with Global Optimization for Heavy End Characterization of Gas Condensate PVT Data
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Characterization of heavy end, as plus fraction, is among the most crucial steps in predicting phase behavior of a hydrocarbon fluid system. Proper selection of single carbon number (SCN) distribution function is essential for heavy end characterization. The SCN distribution function is subject to fluid nature. The exponential distribution function has been and is widely applied to gas condensate plus fractions. More complicated functions are necessary in systems with jumps or discontinuities in successive SCN groups. Thirty fluid samples of a supergiant gas condensate reservoir are analyzed, most of which showing a discontinuity at SCN=10. A three-coefficient model is developed and then applied to determine the distribution function. The plus fraction is divided into three zones, each characterized by an adjustable parameter. A global optimization algorithm is developed and then applied to obtain unique coefficients for complete set of samples. This developed model predicts the experimental data with 10.6% accuracy and is in better agreement with experimental data compared to existing distribution functions.
Researchers Shahriar Osfouri (First researcher) , Reza Azin (Second researcher)