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The structural, mechanical and optical properties of NaCl:Eu2+ crystal grown by the Czochralski method
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optical properties,NaCl:Eu2+,Czochralski method
The pure and Eu2?-doped NaCl crystal were successfully grown by the melt (Czochralski) method. The structural, mechanical and optical properties were characterized by carrying out X-ray diffraction (XRD), micro-hardness, optical absorption, photoluminescence (PL) and thermoluminescence (TL) measurements. The XRD analysis indicates that the Eu2+ ions have been incorporated into the NaCl crystal matrix and the diffraction peak shifts toward lower 2h angle. Hardness measurement has shown a decrease of crystal hardness with indentation load. Optical absorption spectrum has shown the presence of peaks at 211, 224, 231, 255, 320 and 352 nm. Results of PL analysis indicate that the emission peak exists the characteristic peak of bivalent Eu ions corresponding to the t2g(4f65d) -8S7/2(4f7) transition. The TL glow curve of NaCl:Eu2+ crystal has shown two peaks located at 108.6 and 199.6 C with different trap depth, the intensity of the high-temperature peak is found to be larger than the low-temperature one.
Researchers Yongtao li (First researcher) , Xinran Sun (Second researcher) , Shilong YaO (Third researcher) , Hongwei GuO (Fourth researcher) , Mohsen Mehrabi (Fifth researcher) , Xuejian Zhan (Not in first six researchers) , Fanming ZenG (Not in first six researchers) , Dexin Huang (Not in first six researchers) , Chun LI (Not in first six researchers) , Huisheng Liu (Not in first six researchers) , Jinghe Liu (Not in first six researchers) , C.K Mahadevan (Not in first six researchers)