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Growth parameters, water productivity and aloin content of Aloe vera affected by mycorrhiza and PGPR application under different irrigation regimes
Type Article
Aloe vera, Aloin, Biofertilizer, Gel weight, Mycorrhizal colonization, Water productivity
Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) is a perennial drought tolerant medicinal species. This research study investigates the influence of biofertilizers on mycorrhizal fungi colonization, leaf number and width, plant height, offset number, leaf relative elongation rate (RER), leaf dry weight and leaf gel weight, water productivity (WP) for the gel, and aloin content in Aloe vera plants. The experiments were carried out in the warm and dry climate of Bushehr Province, Iran during 20162018. Treatments are reported to include irrigation regimes and biofertilizers at four levels. In terms of irrigation regimes, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of water requirement accompanied the following treatments for biofertilizers, phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria (PSB), mycorrhizal fungi (MF), PSB+MF, and control (without any biofertilizers). The PSB includes Pseudomonas putida strain P13 and Pantoea agglomerans strain P5, in addition to Glomus mosseae as MF. The biofertilizer benefits (remarkably PSB+MF) on investigated traits were observed in three harvests. The results confirm the positive impacts of biofertilizers on important traits such as offset number (an economical part of Aloe vera planting), water productivity with less water consumption, and root colonization, which is the main reason of increasing the mentioned traits. Considering the minimal difference between 100%, 75% and 50% of water requirement in terms of gel fresh weight and more aloin content in 50% of our experiments, Aloe vera is reported as a high drought tolerant plant which merely requires an acceptable gel yield and aloin content. Moreover, better water productivity and consumption is possible in warm and arid regions by applying 50% of Aloe vera water requirement as well as biofertilizers.
Researchers Mohsen Movahhedi Dehnavi (Third researcher) , Kohanmoo Mohammad Amin (Fifth researcher)