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Hydrodynamic acoustic plasmon resonances in semiconductor nanowires and their dimers
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The hydrodynamic Drude model known from metal plasmonics also applies to semiconductor structures of sizes in between single-particle quantum con?nement and bulk. Contrary to metals, however, for semiconductors, two or more types of plasma may have to be considered in order to properly describe their plasmonic properties. In this combined analytical and computational study, we explore predictions of the recently proposed two-?uid hydrodynamic Drude model for the optical properties of plasmonic semiconductor nanowires, in particular for thermally excited InSb nanowires. We focus on the low-frequency acoustic surface and bulk plasmon resonances that are unique ?ngerprints for this model and are yet to be observed. We identify these resonances in spectra for single nanowires based on analytical calculations, which are in agreement with our numerical implementation of the model. For dimers of nanowires, we predict substantial increase of the extinction cross section and ?eld enhancement of the acoustic localized surface plasmon resonance, which makes its observation in dimers more likely.
Researchers tahereh golestani zade (First researcher) , Tahmineh Jalali (Third researcher) ,