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Proposing a simplified and parametric numerical shear stress-strain model for RC deep beams
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In this paper, the behaviour of reinforced concrete (RC) elements has been studied and a new shear stress-strain (SS-S) model is proposed for RC deep beams. Timoshenko beam theory is applied to consider the effect of shear deformations in numerical models. To take into account, the effect of bar concrete interaction, the deep beam is divided into several sub-elements, and individual degrees of freedom are assigned to bars, which allow them to act independently. Since SS-S model is highly sensitive to several factors, a numerical definition of RC deep beams’ shear behaviour is presented after assessing the contribution of main effective parameters on RC element’s shear behaviour. The mentioned model is a push curve which has three breaking points. Proposed SS-S model is composed of several mathematical equations which allows users to easily predict the shear behaviour of RC deep beams without dealing with complex and time-consuming calculations.
Researchers Shaker Hashemi (First researcher) , Mahmoud Malakouti Olounabadi (Third researcher)