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Investigation of sloshing effects on lateral stability of tank vehicles during turning maneuver
Type Article
Articulated tank vehicle, Euler's equation, fluid sloshing, modeling, turning maneuver
An analytical model is developed in this article to study the effects of liquid sloshing on dynamics of articulated vehicle carrying liquid in turning maneuver. To investigate the interaction between the fluid and the vehicle, a four-axle tractor-semitrailer tanker with 32 degrees of freedom has been used. The method of separation of variables is used to solve Laplace equation together with the wall and free surface boundary conditions for fluid sloshing. Based on the results, the effects of fluid density, fill volume of the tanker, vehicle speed, and steer angle on lateral stability of the vehicle have been studied. Simulation results showed that decrease in the fill volume and fluid density leads to decrease in the normalized dynamic normal load factor of the rear axle of the semitrailer. According to the results, the frequency of the normalized roll angle of the semitrailer is independent of vehicle velocity and steering angle.
Researchers Mohammad Mahdi Jalili (First researcher) , Mehrdad Motavasselolhagh (Second researcher) , Rouhollah Fatehi (Third researcher) , Mohammad Sefid (Fourth researcher)