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Title بررسي عملكرد امن سيستم رله اي بهره متغير RF/FSO تركيبي
Type Presentation
Keywords Physical layer security, mixed RF and FSO system, variable gain relaying, average secrecy capacity.
Abstract In this paper, we investigate the average secrecy capacity (ASC) performance of a mixed radio frequency (RF)/free space optical (FSO) communication system which RF and the FSO channels experience Nakagami-m fading and Malaga turbulence, respectively. More precisely, by considering the heterodyne detection, the intensity modulation with direct detection techniques and the pointing errors, we derive an exact closed-form expression for the ASC metric to analyze the secrecy performance of considered mixed RF/FSO variable gain relaying system.
Researchers Mohammd Javad Saber (First researcher) , Ahmad Keshavarz (Second researcher)