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Title تحليل احتمال قطع محرمانه سيستم رله اي راديويي-نوري
Type Presentation
Keywords RF and FSO, physical-layer security, secrecy outage probability, fixed-gain relaying
Abstract We analyze the secrecy outage probability of a dual-hop radio frequency (RF)-free space optical (FSO) transmission systems. We assume that the eavesdropping occurs at the RF channel which experiences Nakagami-m fading while the FSO link suffers from Malaga turbulence-induced fading. More precisely, we derive an analytical expression for the lower bound of secrecy outage probability (SOP) to study the secrecy performance of dual-hop RF-FSO transmission system with the fixed-gain amplify-and-forward relaying protocol.
Researchers Mohammd Javad Saber (First researcher) , Ahmad Keshavarz (Second researcher)