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Synthesis of new 1,5-diaryl-3-(arylamino)-1H-pyrrol-2(5H)-ones under catalyst-free and solvent-free conditions
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Several new 1,5-diaryl-3-(arylamino)-1H-pyrrol -2(5H)-ones were synthesized via the three-component condensation reaction of aldehydes, aromatic amines, and ethyl pyruvate under catalyst-free and solvent-free conditions. Also, 5-(4-hydroxyl-3-nitrophenyl)-1-(4-methoxy-phenyl)- 3-(4-methoxyphenylamino)-1,5-dihydro-pyrrol-2-one was synthesized using oxime instead of aldehyde. The ecofriendly, simple procedure, green procedure, catalyst-free and solvent-free conditions, short reaction times, and high yields of the products are the advantages of this method.
Researchers Khodabakhsh Niknam (First researcher) ,