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Efficient Effective Permittivity Treatment for the 2D-FDTD Simulation of Photonic Crystals
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In this paper, we present an efficient effective permittivity treatment for the two-dimensional Finite- Difference Time-Domain (2D-FDTD) method that can be applied to dielectric interfaces. Various issues related to simulation arrangements are discussed based on the 60 photonic crystal (PhC) waveguide bend as a test case. The transmission, obtained numerically, agrees very well with other two-dimensional simulation methods, namely the finite-element method (2D-FEM) and the 2D multiple multipole program (2D-MMP). Compared to other FDTD schemes, such as staircasing and the volume averaging method, our model performs faster and provides more accurate results for the dielectric interface.
Researchers Tahmineh Jalali (First researcher) , Ahmad Mohammadi (Third researcher) ,