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An Implementation of Multiple Multipole Method in the Analyse of Elliptical Objects to Enhance Backscattering Light
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In this paper, we present dielectric elliptical shapes modelling with respect to a highly confined power distribution in the resulting nanojet, which has been parameterized according to the beam waist and its beam divergence. The method is based on spherical bessel function as a basis function, which is adapted to standard multiple multipole method. This method can handle elliptically shaped particles due to the change of size and refractive indices, which have been studied under plane wave illumination in two and three dimensional multiple multipole method. Because of its fast and good convergence, the results obtained from simulation are highly accurate and reliable. The simulation time is less than minute for two and three dimension. Therefore, the proposed method is found to be computationally efficient, fast and accurate.
Researchers Tahmineh Jalali (First researcher)