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Magnetic Measurements of Graphene and Defected Graphene Generated by Laser Ablation Method
Type Article
Alternating gradient force magnetometer (AGFM), Diamagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Graphene, Paramagnetic, Transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
In this paper, the magnetic properties of carbon based material, graphene is studied, which is generated by laser ablation in cryogenic media. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and alternating gradient force magnetometer (AGFM) are applied to investigate the graphene morphology and magnetic properties, respectively. The graphene synthesized by the laser ablation method exhibits diamagnetic behavior. However the magnetic transition from diamagnetic to paramagnetic effect is lucidly observed by functionalizing the graphene sample with silver atoms.
Researchers Parviz Parvin (First researcher) , Zohreh Ghorannevis (Second researcher) , Pooria Taghdiri (Third researcher) , Seyedeh Zahra Mortazavi (Fourth researcher) , Ali Reyhani (Fifth researcher) , Mohsen Mehrabi (Not in first six researchers)