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Identifying and Surveying the Relationship of Some Important Predictors for Staffs Satisfaction towards On-The-Job Training Case: National Iranian Gas Company
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Today, planning and performing the ojt courses and significance of learners' satisfaction has become a clear notion for all successful and pioneer companies and organizations.Top managers are also trying to support ojt to develop the grounds of intellectual growth and staffs' satisfaction in job, operational, organizational, and individual areas as well, Objective: so this paper was to identify and survey the relationship of some important predictors for staff's satisfaction about OJT courses in National Iranian Gas Company(NIGC). Statistical population consisted of 40000 staff working in NIGC among which 384 persons were randomly selected based on multistage clustering sampling method. Data were obtained via two staff satisfaction standard questionnaires (Salanova, 2009; NIGC, 2013) from the 384 selected persons. Results:Findings, based on Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, showed that there would be a significant relationship between need assessment, goals and priorities, content, planning and implementation, evaluation method, executive management, instructor's ability, Conclusion:welfare affairs, facilities and equipments, time with learners' satisfaction about on-the-job training courses.
Researchers Golestaneh Seyed Mousa (Fourth researcher)