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The Effect of 1D Magneto-Photonic Crystal Defect Mode onFaraday rotation
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Magneto-optical properties of magneto-photonic crystals have been studied in detail for the of control electromagnetic fields in integrated-optics devices. This has led to fascinating optical phenomena like the Faraday rotation, Kerr effect, and optical activity. The present study enhanced and tuned the Faraday rotation in the multilayered thin film coating of CeF 2 and CaF 3 by introducing a defect in the structure. The finite element method was used to simulate the Faraday rotation and transmission. The magneto-optical Faraday rotation was studied near the photonic band edges where enhancement occurred. The defect localized the mode; changing the location of the defect allowed tuning and enhancement of the rotation.
Researchers Tahmineh Jalali (First researcher) ,