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Stability of Mobile Floating Harbor Container Crane
Type Article
Stability mobile floating harbor; semi-submersible model; morison equations; rolling motion
Stability of the mobile floating harbor is an important criterion to avoid an accident in port operation during lifting, loading, and uploading container. The stability of a mobile floating harbor which completed with a container crane was analyzed by study the structure’s rolling amplitude at several sea conditions. Factors considered in the study as follows: size and height of crane and the location of the container during loading and unloading. The mobile floating harbor was constructed using a semi- submersible model on a scale of 1:70 with a specified gantry crane with maximum outreach length 65 meters (Actual size). Using the model, inclining test, swing and oscillating tests was carried out to obtain hydrostatic particulars. By using the experimental result, the roll amplitude for several sea conditions was simulated using the Morison equation. The simulation results showed that the highest roll amplitude occurs when the crane for mobile floating harbor loaded with container in any sea condition.
Researchers K.U Tiau (Second researcher) , Hassan Abyn (Third researcher) ,