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Solvent-assisted intramolecular proton transfer in thiopurinol: application of M06-2X functional
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All available conformers of tisopurine as an important pharmaceutical molecule are optimized and frequency calculations calculated at M06-2X/6-311 G(2d,2p) level of theory. These conformers are classified in 22 different tautomers, tautomer Z showing the most stable tautomer in the gas phase. Effects of four different solvents on the most stable conformer of each tautomer is calculated. Solvents cause stabilization of all conformers and relative solvent stabilization is as follows: water > DMSO > acetone > toluene. Energy profile for such stabilization is illustrated and mechanism of proton transfer studied at the same level of theory. Solvent-assisted proton transfer performed when water and methanol used as solvents. Results indicate that explicit solvent effect has much more stabilization on tautomerization processes compared to implicit solvent effect.
Researchers Dariush Saberi (Third researcher) , Khodabakhsh Niknam (Fourth researcher)