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Effects of dietary taurine amino acid on growth performance, mucosal and immune response, gene expression and antioxidant defence of asian seabass (Lates calcarifer)
Type Article
Taurine · Growth performance · Immune response · Gene expression · Antioxidant defence · Lates calcarifer
Background The enhancement of fish immune system and growth performance throughout the administration of bio-friendly agents such as diet supplements (taurine) is considered a promising alternative in farmed aquatic species. Materials and methods The present study was aimed to examine the effect of supplementation of dietary taurine (0, 5 g-TAU5 and 10 g-TAU10) in crystalline form (99% purity) in L. calcarifer juveniles, taking into account growth performance, general health indices and immune related-genes mRNA transcript abundance. Results The results confirmed that the supplementation of taurine enhances significantly all the growth parameters and a better flesh quality. While the blood biochemical and immunological factors didn’t present any significant differences, the expression of growth-related genes showed that IGF-1 was almost 3 times higher in fishes fed diet Tau 5 and Tau 10 compared to the control group. Conclusions Finally, it can be concluded that at the maximum dose tested (10 g) the treatment was effective for Asian seabass. In addition, Tau inclusion in an FM-based diet can increase the productivity parameters along with raising the antioxidant status.
Researchers Vahid Morshedi (First researcher) , simona rainis (Second researcher) , shirin hamedi (Third researcher) , ُAhmad qasemei (Fourth researcher) , Dara Bagheri (Fifth researcher) , reza gamoori (Not in first six researchers)