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Enhancement of Faraday rotation in defect modes of one-dimensional magnetophotonic crystals
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Inthispaper,employingofone-dimensionalmagnetophotoniccrystalsininfraredwavelengthsrangeisconsidered.Forthis purpose, magnetophotonic multilayer structures, composed of magnetic defect layer surrounded by dielectric and MO Bragg mirrors, have been proposed. Ce:YIG with an optical thickness in the range of 0 to ?s was used as a magnetic material. By using four by four transfer matrix method, the transmittance values and Faraday rotation (FR) angles of these structures were computed.Theelectric?elddistributionwasobtainedbyFiniteElementMethod(FEM).Byinvestigationoftransmittanceand FR angle of magnetophotonic crystals, it was possible to design the optimized structures with a rotation larger than 30 degrees and high transmittance. Such structures with a few micrometer thickness and fast magneto-optical (MO) responses have the potential to be used in MO devices like integrated photonic elements and sensors.
Researchers Tahmineh Jalali (First researcher) ,