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Advancements in Nano Drug Delivery Systems: Application of Phase Change Materials for Controlled Release and Targeted Delivery
Type Presentation
PCM; Drug delivery; Nanomedicine; Smart drug delivery
The integration of phase change materials (PCMs) in nano drug delivery systems holds promise for improving drug release control, enabling targeted delivery, and providing thermal regulation. PCMs possess unique properties that make them suitable for use in these systems. Through a solid-to-liquid phase transition at the target site, PCMs offer the ability to achieve controlled drug release, ensuring precise and sustained delivery while minimizing undesirable side effects. Moreover, PCMs facilitate targeted drug delivery by interacting specifically with target cells or tissues, leading to increased drug concentration at the desired site and reduced exposure to healthy tissues. Additionally, PCMs serve as thermal regulators, maintaining a stable temperature in the vicinity of the drug to preserve its stability and potency. However, it is important to acknowledge that nano-based drug delivery systems also encounter challenges. This review provides an overview of recent developments in the field of PCMs in drug delivery systems, highlighting the underlying mechanisms, existing challenges, and various types of PCMs utilized.
Researchers Nasim Dehghani (First researcher) , Ahmad Jamekhorshid (Second researcher) , Shahriar Osfouri (Third researcher)