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Experimental Investigation of Thermal Energy Management inside an Automobile Using Phase Change Materials
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Phase Change Material (PCM), Thermal Energy Management, Automobile, Temperature Control.
In this paper, an innovative system for the temperature control in a stationary automobile facing the solar radiation is presented. A portable thin layer of phase change material (PCM) inside an aluminum pouch is placed in the automobile. The solar thermal energy is absorbed and stored at a nearly constant temperature during the phase change of PCM from solid to liquid. A small car cabin is constructed and the PCM pouch is placed into that. 800 g of PureTemp 29 is used as PCM. The cabin temperature and gained solar radiation are recorded with time. As a result, the rise in the temperature of the car interior is reduced. The results indicated that such a simple system has potential to be implemented as a practical solution to maintain the cabin temperature of a car in the comfort level during short period car parking.
Researchers Ahmad Jamekhorshid (First researcher) ,