July 14, 2024
Amin Torabi Jahromi

Amin Torabi Jahromi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
Phone: 09171023389
Faculty: Faculty of Intelligent Systems and Data Science


Design and implementation of inter-laboratory quality control system, medical centers affiliated with Bushehr Social Security Treatment Management
Type Finished project
Researchers Hossein Haghbin (First researcher) , Reza Sharafdini (Co worker) , Fatemeh Gharehchahi (Co worker) , Ali Amrooni (Co worker) , Amin Torabi Jahromi (Supervisor)


In this project, an inter-laboratory external quality control evaluation system was designed and implemented at the level of laboratories affiliated to the Social Security Center of Bushehr Province. Using external quality evaluation methods and using the commercial control sample available in the market with a specific serial number and brand, this system is able to collect the results of this sample and process it in a specific time period (weekly or daily) outputs. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of performance of laboratories such as inaccuracy, uncertainty, Target score, DI, VIS, BIS, etc. in comparison with other laboratories in the province. Advantages of setting up this system can be the use of commercial control sample, elimination of possible microbial contamination of the sample, delay in sending and receiving the sample, non-compliance with the cold chain and standard conditions of sample transport during sending and reducing the time interval between quality control periods Foreign (usually three months) followed by the rapid access of the centers to calculate the Bias (inaccuracy) of the results of their tests, as well as a qualitative assessment of the position of its center in relation to the result of each test among other centers.