July 14, 2024
Amin Torabi Jahromi

Amin Torabi Jahromi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
Phone: 09171023389
Faculty: Faculty of Intelligent Systems and Data Science


A Robust Integral Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for Uncertain System
Type Thesis
كنترل انتگرالي، كنترل غير خطي، سيستم هاي داراي عدم قطعيت، اشباع عملگر، كنترل فيدبك غير خطي تركيبي
Researchers Valiollah Ghaffari (Primary advisor) , Amin Torabi Jahromi (Advisor)


Generally, achieving robust performance, as well as improving transient response and steady-state accuracy, are main objectives that researchers take into account while analyzing a control problem. The mentioned items would be referred as desired performance indices. So far, various techniques have been presented to investigate each of the aforementioned criterion. However, composite nonlinear feedback (CNF) control is exclusively suggested for enhancing the transient behavior under constraints. In this thesis, to improve the transient performance in regulation problem, a robust CNF control law is developed to uncertain systems in the presence of input saturations. Hence, having a fast response with poor damping ratio, the linear term of the CNF controller is firstly designed to stabilize the closed-loop system. Then the nonlinear section is selected to reduce the overshoot induced by the linear part. The coefficients of the integral controller are numerically obtained using linear matrix inequality (LMI). The proposed scheme is applied to some example with uncertainty and saturated input. The efficiency of the proposed approach will be validated by comparing the results with similar methods.