February 29, 2024
Ehsan Izadpanah

Ehsan Izadpanah

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Degree: Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 09133570349
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Investigation of fluid flow with heat transfer around the cylinder with flexible fins
Type Thesis
ارتعاش القايي گردابه، ريزش گردابه، انتقال حرارت، جريان آشفته، دو درجه آزادي
Researchers Morteza Ghayoumi (Student) , Yasser Amini (Primary advisor) , Ehsan Izadpanah (Advisor)


Background: In this research, the numerical study of vortex-induced vibration effects on the values of lift and drag coefficients, amplitude of displacement and the rate of heat transfer from the tube bundle in turbulent flow will be investigated. Aim: The effect of vortex-induced vibration on heat transfer from tube bundles will be investigated. The most important usage of this research is in the manufacturing industry of heat exchanges. Heat exchangers are widely used in the chemical, food, electronics, air conditioning and aerospace industries. In most heat exchangers, one fluid passes inside the tube and the other fluid passes through the tube, which can cause the tubes to vibrate. If the excitation frequency is equaled to the natural frequency, resonance phenomenon occurs that leads to large displacements and destruction of structure. This vibration also affects on thermal performance of the heat exchanger. Methodology: In this research, the effect of VIV on the tube bundles is done numerically using Ansys Fluent software. At the beginning, studies are performed at laminar flow over the isolated cylinder, and finally, turbulent flow is studied by using turbulence models, then results validated by experimental results. Conclusions: In this study the effects of VIV on the heat transfer over tube bundles has investigated. By increasing the Reynolds number until the lock-in phenomenon occurs, the Nusselt number will be increased, and by passing through the lock-in area, the heat transfer rate will decrease and the Nusselt number will decrease