February 29, 2024
Ehsan Izadpanah

Ehsan Izadpanah

Academic Rank: Associate professor
Degree: Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 09133570349
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Investigation of fluid flow with heat transfer around the cylinder with flexible fins
Type Thesis
بر هم كنش سيال-سازه، پره انعطاف پذير، ريزش گردابه، انتقال حرارت، جريان آشفته
Researchers Iman Zahed (Student) , Yasser Amini (Primary advisor) , Ehsan Izadpanah (Advisor)


There are various phenomena in the world which change the amount of heat transfer. One of these phenomena that occur frequently is the interaction between fluid and structure. The dynamic behavior of flexible structures in interaction with fluids is a challenging and evolving engineering debate. For this reason, the study of fluid-structural interaction has grown exponentially over the past decades. Fluidstructural interaction has been considered in a wide variety of industry issues, including static structures, vessels, and vessels, as well as fluid transport. Considering the importance of fluid-structural interaction on the performance of heat exchanger, in this study, the effect of a flexible blade connected to a cylinder on the rate of heat transfer and the up and down force during turbulent flow is investigated. Flexible vanes with two different angles of 0 and 45 degrees are connected to cylinders with a circular cross-section to evaluate their effect on different parameters. Also in the second part of the research, the results of the effect of a flexible blade not connected to a circular cylinder on hydrodynamic and thermal parameters are investigated. To numerically simulate this problem, the finite volume (FVM) and finite element (FEM) numerical methods are performed simultaneously using Ansys software. The kw-SST model has also been used to investigate turbulent flow due to its capabilities. The displacement of the blades is predicted to decrease as Young's modulus increases. Reducing blade oscillations reduce the Nusselt number and ultimately reduces heat transfer