April 18, 2024
Mojahed Gholami

Mojahed Gholami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Persian Language and Literature
Phone: 09000000000
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Conceptual Metaphors in the Poem of Qeysar Aminpour
Type Thesis
استعاره مفهومي، شعر معاصر، قيصر امين پور.
Researchers Zohreh Mallaki (Primary advisor) , Mojahed Gholami (Advisor)


Conceptual metaphors are used to objectify a wide range of concepts that are applied on a daily basis and they cover various areas of human cognition. Different types of this metaphor can be used to study and recognize the intellectual areas and general and partial insights of people (especially poets and writers). In this research, the function of this type of metaphor is examined in the collection of poems of Qaisar Aminpour, the late contemporary poet (books of morning breathing, sudden mirrors, like a spring like a river, in the alley of the sun, the flowers are all sunflowers and the grammar of love). The method of data collection is library and taking notes from printed texts and data analysis has done based on cognitive perspective of Lakoff and Kuchsh. The purpose of this research is to read Qaisar Aminpour's poems more accurately and deeply and to percept poet's point of view and insight that shows his personal style and poetic innovations. The result of this research is that poet's living environment, his biological, historical, social and cultural experiences and sometimes ideological affiliations have been the cause of formation of metaphors used in his poems. Different types of these metaphors include 55% ontological metaphors, 25% structural metaphors, and about 20% directional metaphors. This statistic shows that poet has discovered many new areas in ontological metaphors for adaptation of his intended concepts, which a high percentage of it has not been used by others before him. In structural metaphors, he refers to big metaphor of "life is movement" and its subsets such as "life is travel", "life is farm", "life is school", "love is fire", "love is life-giving" and ...., which shows a clear philosophy of human life and authority and efforts to improve their position. Also in metaphors of direction and time, he is a preacher of movement, clarity and value of spiritual space and human feelings. The combination of all these shows that he is a poet wit