July 15, 2024
Mojahed Gholami

Mojahed Gholami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Persian Language and Literature
Phone: 09000000000
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Lexical and linguistic study of exaggerated array in Maulana's Masnavi-e-Manavi (based on a review of verbs, numbers, dimensions and other exaggerated array words)
Type Thesis
مولانا جلال الدين محمد بلخي، مثنوي معنوي، بلاغت، مبالغه و اغراق
Researchers Mohammad baqer Mohammadi (Student) , Naser Jaberi (Primary advisor) , Mojahed Gholami (Advisor)


The Masnavi-e-Manavi has a special place in Persian literature from the point of view of rhetoric due to its metaphorical, allegorical, symbolic and symbolic nature and has always been considered. In this magnificent mystical and literary work, Maulana has used various rhetorical and linguistic capabilities to instill the transcendent ideas and teachings that he has acquired. This approach has given features to the Masnavi-e-Manavi that need to be analyzed and studied from different dimensions. One of these widely used features is the hyperbole and exaggeration used in the Masnavi-e-Manavi. Hyperbole is an effective tool for highlighting words and artistic expression of poetic emotions and feelings, and the poet can use this array to express emotions that ordinary language and news can not express, in an artistic way in his poetry and Express a wide range of emotions better and more effectively. In this study, which has studied the array of hyperbole from a lexical and linguistic point of view in Masnavi-e-Manavi, it was found that hyperbole and exaggeration is one of the most important features of Masnavi-e-Manavi and Maulana has used various lexical and linguistic possibilities in his exaggerations. Although the techniques of exaggeration in Masnavi are different, but the use of numbers, virtual documents, contradictions, broad words of meaning and finite meaning, temporal and spatial dimensions and summing up words are the most important techniques that Maulana has used to exaggerate in Masnavi. Keywords: Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, Masnavi-e-Manavi, rhetoric, hyperbole and exaggeration