April 18, 2024
Mojahed Gholami

Mojahed Gholami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Persian Language and Literature
Phone: 09000000000
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


An Structural Study of Suhrawardi’s five Persian Stories Based on actants Pattern of Greimas
Type Thesis
سهروردي، گريماس، ساختارگرايي، روايت، فلسفۀ اشراق.
Researchers Meysam Ghalkhanbaz (Student) , Leila Rezaei (Primary advisor) , Mojahed Gholami (Advisor)


The most important aims of this study are: 1 Actants Pattern of Greimas and the way to analysis different narrative document according to this method 2 Analysis and comparable deliberation on characters in this five selected Sohrevardi’s discourse according to Gereimas’s high extension and adaptability . 3 Using contrastive actants Pattern of Greimas in order to decoding the contrast in the context of this five selected Sohravardi’s discourses and analysis the connection between Sohravardi’s meditation and intuition . 4 prospecting and comparing the surface and the depth of narrative structure in this five selected discourse in order to finding out the Sohravardi’s depth philosophe concepts . Methodology: It is an analysis _ descriptive study .in this order that first the theoretical principles in the structuralism with emphasis on introduction dissection Gereimas’s activist pattern will be express .next characters and plot in the five selected discourse: Awaz-i Par-i Jebrail (The Chant of Gabriel’s Wing), Aql-i Surkh (The Red Intellect), Fi Haqiqat al-Ishaq (On the Reality of Love), Fi Halat al-Tufulliyah (On the State of Childhood), Ruzi ba Jama’at Sufiyaan(A Day with the Community of Sufis) will be analysis and deliberate by the help of tools in the Gereimas’s pattern. at the end by comparing the obtaining datas of this research the final deduction will be made