July 14, 2024
Mojahed Gholami

Mojahed Gholami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Persian Language and Literature
Phone: 09000000000
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Analaysis of Aesthetics and Poetic Images of Hamid Mossadegh’s Poetry
Type Thesis
حميد مصدّق، شعر آزاد (نيمايي)، شعر سياسي، تصوير.
Researchers zahra raeisi (Student) , Mojahed Gholami (Primary advisor) , Naser Jaberi (Advisor)


Before the emergence of Russian formalism and this formalist idea that poetry is the result of lexical resurrection and norm avoidance in language, what distinguished poetry from other things was "image". However, the image still retains its value in the creation of poetic language. Because the lexical resurrection according to the formalists mainly leads to imagery in the field of language. Therefore, the chapter of examining poetic images, both in classical poetry and in modern Persian poetry, is still open. In the following research, referring to library sources, in a descriptive-analytical way, the imagery and poetic imaginations of Hamid Mosaddegh (1318-1377), one of the well-known contemporary poets, have been examined from different perspectives. As a window to the art of a proven poet in dynamizing and stabilizing the image according to the situational context, using the ability of colors in the images in order to induce the desired concepts, imagery centered on mythological and historical characters, ironic imagery and finally exploiting Using symbolic and metaphorical language to reflect the political-social issues of the day. The theoretical orientations in this regard have been mainly influenced by the attitude of Mohammad Reza Shafi'i Kadkani in the book "Images of Imagination in Persian Poetry" and from the models presented by Mahmoud Fotouhi in the book "Stylish: Theories, Approaches and Methods" ha" has also been helped. As some of the achievements, it has been shown in the upcoming research how Hamid Mosaddegh's poetry has been able to have political-social implications in addition to the lyrical and romantic meanings and to be placed in the group of committed literature. Also, the poet skillfully uses images, metaphors, colors, mythological and historical characters, etc., in order to express his concerns in connection with the social-political events of the forties and fifties. has taken.