July 15, 2024
Mojahed Gholami

Mojahed Gholami

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Address: Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran
Degree: Ph.D in Persian Language and Literature
Phone: 09000000000
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Critical Discourse Analysis of the novels "Women Without men" and "Dr. Noon Loves His Wife More Than Mosaddegh" Based on Approach of Norman Fairclough
Type Thesis
تحليل گفتمان انتقادي، نورمن فركلاف، داستان، شهرنوش پارسي پور، شهرام رحيميان، كودتا، فمينيسم
Researchers seyed ali moimani (Student) , Leila Rezaei (Primary advisor) , Mojahed Gholami (Advisor)


The main source of this thesis is discourse analysis on the context of the two mentioned novels. Additionally, it is an analysis based on a comparative approach under the recognition of progressive or conservative transformations of social discourses in the horizons of context and form of two cited novels. The purpose of this research is to reach an analytical assessment based on the literary, historical and discourse aspects of two cited Novels. The Novels whose narrations took place during the 1953 Iranian coup d'état and the related discourses of that era are worth analyzing from this landscape. In general, this research is based on Norman Fairclough's discourse analysis approach and has been completed in three parts: description, interpretation and explanation.These two Novels have their own discourses, metaphors and narrative patterns that have a link with the contemporary social history of Iran. Women play both active and passive roles in these two novels. But in the way of The Historical novel, there are many deficiencies in these two novels, which the detailed description of them should be studied in the main text of this essay.