April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mohammadi

Mohammad Mohammadi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in physic
Phone: 09171021581
Faculty: Faculty of Nano and Biotechnology


Title Stability catalyzer for a relativistic non-topological soliton solution
Type Article
Researchers Mohammad Mohammadi (First researcher)


For a real nonlinear Klein–Gordon Lagrangian density with a special solitary wave solution (SSWS), which is essentially unstable, it is shown how adding a proper additional massless term could guarantee the energetically stability of the SSWS, without changing its dominant dynamical equation and other properties. In other words, it is a stability catalyzer. The additional term contains a parameter B, which brings about more stability for the SSWS at larger values. Hence, if one considers B to be an extremely large value, then any other solution which is not very close to the free far apart SSWSs and the trivial vacuum state, require an infinite amount of energy to be created. In other words, the possible non-trivial stable configurations of the fields with the finite total energies are any number of the far apart SSWSs, similar to any number of identical particles.