April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in International Relations
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


A study of the activities of political parties in Bushehr province with emphasis on Dashtestan in the last one hundred years. (1385-1285)
Type Thesis
احزاب سياسي، بوشهر، دشتستان، اوضاع سياسي، اقتصاد
Researchers Hamid Asadpour (Primary advisor) , Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam (Advisor)


Recognition of political parties as a phenomenon that is considered as the gears of democracy and the realization of its positive and negative functions has many effects on the political system, it seems necessary. The study of political parties in Dashtestan is no exception to this rule. In contemporary history, the shores and post-shores of the Persian Gulf, such as Dashtestan, in spite of having a rich and influential past in the history of Iran, did not develop much in the field of political parties and political currents and parties were not institutionalized in this region. This study seeks to answer the basic question of what were the main political parties in Dashtestan in the last one hundred years and how has the evolution of parties in contemporary Dashtestan been? It seems that the social developments in Bushehr and Dashtestan are a function of the political situation in Iran and in most periods of contemporary Iranian history, the political parties in this region did not find the necessary opportunity to function. On the other hand, the political and social situation in Dashtestan is often affected. Fars province has been dependent on agriculture. In the field of agriculture, too, political and economic power was in the hands of readers and owners, who themselves were an obstacle to any political and social change. The findings of this study indicate a lack of development and fundamental change in the field of political parties in contemporary Dashtestan. Also, the political, economic, social and cultural situation of Dashtestan has created serious obstacles to the institutionalization of political parties in this area. This research is based on a descriptive analytical method that collects data from different sources, selects, evaluates, analyzes and infers them.