April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in International Relations
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Britain Exit from the Persian Gulf and it's Political Security and Economic consequences (1968-1975)
Type Thesis
خليج فارس، انگلستان، قدرت منطقه اي، نظام بين الملل، مهاجرت
Researchers Habibollah Saeidinia (Primary advisor) , Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam (Advisor)


World War II was one of the important events that made many changes in the global and reginal areas. Brirish withdrawl from Persian Gulf considered as one of these changes. Due to British presence in the region for years affected reginal various problems so that its eviction from Persian Gulf left political, security and econemic consequences; therfore, the aim of the research is to stydy reginal and internatial changes at time of British eviction from Persian Gulf and also the effect of British eviction from the northern shores of Persian Gulf. The focus of the present research is on studying and stating causes of British eviction from Persian Gulf and its consequances on the northen shores of Persian Gulf. The quastion comes from this research is what causes made British evict from Persian Gulf its eviction which left political, security and econemic consequances on northern shores of Persian Gulf? The method applied in this research is analytical and descriptive based on original sources and archival documents. Our findings indicate that British decision was affected by high costs arised from war and bracking up econemy provided no more British military presence out of its country. After British withdrawl from Persian Gulf we look up the political, econemic and security changes in the rigion and the world. U.S.A and some Persian Gulf countries concerned about British eviction and forming power evacuation in Persian Gulf, however, Iran with cooperation of Persian Gulf countries could provide stability in the region _at least during studying_ and converted to regional superior power. moreover, the situation of northern shores of Persian Gulf was turbulent at time of British presence in the region so that applying oil revenues could not improve the situation of the region which casued the huge immigration to sourthen shores of Persian Gulf, In this period concentration of Iranian government on Hormoz strait and also more attention to northern shores of Persian Gulf