April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in International Relations
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Historical-geographical roots of the Iraqi government's political developments and its impact on the security of the Persian Gulf region (1932-82)
Type Thesis
عراق، تحولات سياسي، امنيت، خليج فارس، تاريخ و جغرافيا
Researchers kosar rahnama (Student) , Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam (Primary advisor) , Hamidreza Peighambari (Advisor)


Iraq has lacked internal cohesion in the social sphere for almost eight decades, and since independence in 1932. Until 1982. For 50 years, it has witnessed many political events and happenings, each of which, while making fundamental changes in that country, has also left significant effects and consequences in the Persian Gulf region, which requires specialized study. The purpose of this study is to investigate the historical-geographical roots of the political developments in the Iraqi government and its impact on the security of the Persian Gulf region (1932-82). The research method is descriptive-analytical and taken from library sources. The results show that many of the hostile policies that various Iraqi governments have had towards their neighbors throughout its history, since its inception, are rooted in the country's specific geographical problems Iraq was born at the time of its establishment with the problem of geographical weakness, and as long as this problem persists, there is no hope for its development and progress based on peace and understanding with its neighbors. One can say that the political developments in the new Iraq are deeply affected by sustainable internal resources, which are the development of the nation - government, geopolitical difficulties, undeveloped and dependent economy, and sentiment of belonging and common Arabic values, including its main components In a general conclusion, the political and security trends in Iraq have dimensions and regional consequences due to the context of social and the mosaic of the political and social environment. According to the geographic geography model of Iraq, 8 main sources of tension between 12 main sources, and thus, are always potentially prepared to reveal geographical stresses and this effectively affects the security and stability in the Persian Gulf region.