April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in International Relations
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


UK Security Policies in the Persian Gulf after World War II (1945-1971)
Type Thesis
خليج فارس، دولت بريتانيا، جنگ جهاني دوم، سياست و امنيت
Researchers reza zamani (Student) , Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam (Primary advisor) , Habibollah Saeidinia (Advisor)


One of the important aspects of historical studies has been the study of issues related to the presence of powerful hegemons in geopolitical and sensitive regions of the world. One of these geopolitical regions is the Persian Gulf region. The subject of the forthcoming research is the study of the security policy of the British government in the Persian Gulf region after the Second World War until the withdrawal of this country from the east of the Suez Canal. The research question is what effect did World War II have on British security policies in the Persian Gulf during the years 1971-1945? The hypothesis was that the British government was facing many economic problems due to World War II. The continued independence of the British-dominated countries caused the security policies of this country to undergo many changes. The results of this research, which has been done analytically and descriptively, show how British hegemony has been formed in this region of the world and the British security policy that before the end of World War II, direct intervention in the affairs of the territories of the Gulf region. After the end of the war and the decline of British hegemony in the world, it has become a policy of indirect intervention in the Persian Gulf region and the creation of a new security policy in this region.