April 14, 2024
Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in International Relations
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities


Reviewing the establishment and activities of women’s organization of hormozgan province (1966-1979)
Type Thesis
استان هرمزگان، خليج فارس، سازمان زنان، حقوق زنان، آموزش زنان، حكومت پهلوي
Researchers shiva abdi (Student) , Habibollah Saeidinia (Primary advisor) , Mohammad Mansouri Moghaddam (Advisor)


Iranian Women’s Organization established in 1345 to improve the position of women in society. Its activity continued until 1357 and the victory of the Islamic Revolution. After establishing the first branch of the organization in Tehran, members thought to establish branches in other provinces of the country. Hormozgan was one of the provinces. Branches of Women’s Organization first established in Bandar Abbas in 1346 and then in Bandar-e Lengeh, Minab, Hajiabad, and . Also, this organization wanted to establish branches in khamir, kong, Bastak, Roodan, and Hormoz but due to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, that couldn’t be possible. ‏This research considered that how the organization formed, its activities, and functionalities in Hormozgan province. It also considered its impact in the society of that time. According to the findings of this thesis, it seems that this organization had taken positive actions in educational, and cultural fields and especially could fight against illiteracy. To date, any independent research hasn’t been conducted regarding Women’s Organization in Hormozgan province and this, necessitates conduction of the research. This research conducted with the help of archival documents available in the National Research Organization and local documents and is written with descriptive-analytical approach.