May 25, 2024
Shahrbanoo Yadollahi

Shahrbanoo Yadollahi

Academic Rank: Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D in Business Management(Marketing)
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The effect of electronic word-of-mouth advertising on consumer purchase intention through the mediation of brand image and brand equity
Type Thesis
تبليغات دهان به دهان الكترونيك، تصوير برند، ارزش ويژه برند، قصد خريد مصرف كننده
Researchers shadi amiri (Student) , Majid Esmaeilpour (Primary advisor) , Shahrbanoo Yadollahi (Advisor)


Background: One of the most important variables in the field of consumer behavior is the consumer's purchase intention. By knowing the factors that affect the consumer's purchase intention, Baytrade can gain a better understanding of the consumers' needs and desires and improve the amount of products purchased. The current research has been done in the field of consumer behavior and titled as the effect of electronic word-of-mouth marketing, brand equity and brand image on consumer purchase intention. Aim: The purpose of this research is to measure the impact of electronic word-of-mouth marketing, brand equity and brand image on consumer purchase intention regarding four famous brands of laptop suppliers in Iran so that effective strategies and solutions can be found to improve the consumer purchase intention index for the sale of these products. offered products. Methodology: The current research is considered a descriptive-survey research in terms of its purpose in the field of applied research and in terms of data collection. The statistical population of the research consists of buyers and consumers of four famous laptop brands in Bushehr city. The number of the research sample is 379 people, and a non-random and accessible sampling method was used to collect data. The data collection tool is also a questionnaire whose validity was confirmed through content validity and construct validity and its reliability through Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The method of data analysis to test the research hypotheses was the structural equation model with the help of SmartPLS version 3 software. Conclusions: According to the findings of this research, which shows the effect of electronic word-of-mouth advertising, brand equity and brand image on consumer purchase intention, therefore, laptop manufacturers should use the internet and through electronic word-of-mouth advertising and brand image. To improve the indicators related to the special value of the brand and the intent